Solana has released Wannet beta update v1.17.31 to solve congestion issues

Solana Has Released Wannet Beta Update V1.17.31 To Solve Congestion Issues

Solana developers have released Wannet beta update v1.17.31 to deal with network congestion on the Solana blockchain.

The update was released on April 12, and now, after three days of testing, it's being recommended for general use by Mainnet beta testers.

This patch contains improvements to help with some ongoing network congestion and will be followed by more improvements in v1.18.

The current version helps improve network congestion and open demand hopping. Some key improvements include:


Show decompressed/decompressed packets of stocked and non-stocked packets QUICK: use small vec to add chunks, save 1 alloc per packet Bank-level forwarding filter minimum streams in 100ms for busy nodeTreat ultra-low non-streamed client with stream QOSDefault

Solana developer Anza asked verifiers to update the latest patch only when there was less than a 5% fault rate.

On Solana, delinquency refers to inactive validators, and percentage refers to the total share of offline validators. Therefore, validators are prompted to install the updates when there are less than 5% inactive validator shares on the network.

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Between the growing network activity and the memecoin frenzy, the Solana network experienced congestion problems with transaction failure rates reaching 75% for nearly a week. While developers were working on a fix, Solana's co-founder pointed out that the ongoing network congestion issues were just a bug rather than a network problem.

The Solana Foundation offers a variety of reasons for the current network congestion problems, including the large demand for Solana block space and the delay in the implementation of patches to address network-related issues.

Austin Federa, head of strategy at the Solana Foundation, told Cointelegraph that developers are constantly working to solve the problem, but the demand for the network has outstripped current developer intervention.

However, Solana devs have developed a series of patches to address the ongoing issue, the first of which was released to developers earlier today.

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