Hong Kong SFC approves Bitcoin and Ethereum spot ETF

Hong Kong Sfc Approves Bitcoin And Ethereum Spot Etfs

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Several prominent asset management companies, including China Asset Management (Hong Kong), Bocera Capital and Hashkey Capital Limited, have announced that their applications for Bitcoin and Ethereum spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have been accepted by Hong Kong Securities and Futures. Commission (SFC). This approval allows investors to directly use Bitcoin and Ethereum to subscribe to the respective ETF shares.

China Asset Management (Hong Kong) is an asset management company in the Hong Kong market and a foreign subsidiary of China Asset Management has been licensed by the SFC to provide virtual asset management services to investors. The company now plans to launch ETF products that can invest in spot bitcoin and access to ethereum.


To facilitate this effort, China Asset Management (Hong Kong) has partnered with OSL Digital Securities Co., Ltd. and BOC International Prudential Trusteeship Ltd., a leading player in the virtual asset industry. He has partnered with the famous Guardian. Together, they are actively researching and developing strategies to offer these innovative investment products to their clients.

In the year Established in Hong Kong in 2008, China Asset Management is one of the first Chinese asset management companies to expand overseas. Its parent company, China Asset Management, is one of China's largest fund companies, with total assets under management of over $266 billion as of December 31, 2023.

Over the past 16 years, China Asset Management (Hong Kong) has developed a strong domestic investment research team and offers long-term stock and bond funds, hedge funds, ETFs, leveraged/inverse products and a variety of products. Accounts. The company is committed to providing investment advisory services to individual and institutional investors in Hong Kong, Greater China, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas.

In addition to the China Asset Management (Hong Kong), Harvest Global Investments has announced that the SFC has approved in principle its Bitcoin and Ethereum digital asset space ETF products.

The approval of these ETFs by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission is a major milestone in the integration of traditional finance and the rapidly growing digital asset space. It reflects the growing acceptance and legitimacy of cryptocurrencies as an investment asset class and is expected to attract more institutional and retail investors to the market.

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