Noctis X AMA session with BeInCrypto

Noctis X Ama Session With Beincrypto

Get ready for an exciting AMA session with BeInCrypto, Noctis, the Noctis Coin standing gate opener. Today, we explore how this unique coin combines age-old traditions with the latest crypto-tech. At 130 years old, Noctis isn't just any meme character; He is on a mission to top the memecoin charts.

With a history of opening doors and conquering memories, Noctis and his experienced crypto crew are ready to mix things up. Join us as we reveal the story behind Noctis' coin, discuss its goals, and why it's not just another meme in the crowd.

AMA session with Noctis

BIC: We're getting ready for our special AMA session!


Take a comfortable seat and follow our conversation in a few minutes.

Today, we welcome Noctis, the gate opener and representative of Noctis Coin, into our AMA today. I'll have some questions for Noctis, and then we'll move on to your questions, guys.

So let's start 🚀

Please introduce yourself and your team.


hello! My name is Noctis, I'm 130 years old and I've dedicated myself to opening doors all day and killing my insides no matter how big they are.

I come from many generations who have been engaged in this activity for many, many centuries.

But this time, we want to jump into digitalization so that everyone can see my progress.

As for the rest of the team, there are 4 other people who have founded and participated in many crypto projects that are well known in the crypto space and will help me expand in this world. In short, the most qualified people to undertake this adventure.

BIC: The beginning is already amazing 😏

Tell us more about the history of the coin. Why did you choose the name Noctis? And the character is like the Grim Reaper… 👀


I was named Noctis because I am the night. A nocturnal skeleton emerging from the shadows to fulfill my singular mission; Find my next victim, knock on their door and finish them off.

And well, what can I say about my looks, I'm dead, no need to explain more, I'm universally recognized.

BIC: What is your main goal as a project? How is your project different from other meme coins?


The goal of this adventure is to exceed the market cap of the rest of the memecoins, as the only way I have to open the doors is if I can't break through their market cap, I can't continue my business.

So I'm a meme that wants to be famous for killing the rest of the coins. My only goal is that people want to join my mission, and with everyone's help we can create a great community that is passionate about becoming a top 1 meme.

BIC: A common story in the crypto market is that a new meme coin appears, there is a lot of hype around it, but soon everyone forgets about it. How do you ensure that your project is relevant in the market?


Absolutely right, but hey, in the end, as a meme, I have one more thing compared to the others. Basically, we have a goal, not just buying and waiting for a miracle to happen.

So that people can feel the joy of winning another project, we can go to other communities and tell them that they are next, and together we can win them one by one, so we always have a goal.

This is an additional point, people can feel that they are part of the project and at the same time enjoy seeing the death and destruction of other people.

BIC: Seeing the death and destruction of another person… I feel the dark side begin to enjoy…


great! Some interesting questions for all traders and investors… Pre-sale started last week. Tell me how it went. Did it meet your expectations?


Indeed, it has been very good, the amount collected in the pre-sale was about 1100 SOL, which allowed us to have a high liquidity compared to many memes.

Then we burned all the LPs, so the liquid was completely blocked, to bring security and trust in the whole community.

And well, the price is holding up well, now that the market is tight again, this time we have a lot of connections and a lot of strength in the team, so we're going to start very hard in the market.

BIC: Wow! And at what stage is the project now?


We've actually only been on the market for a few days, we're basically at the beginning of listing the coin on all platforms, all trackers, meme sites.

And once we have all of this, we'll start marketing, we'll be in talks with KOLs, and we'll start making some noise.

BIC: How much of the total tokens are locked, if any? And what is their opening timeline?


Basically, the group holds 6% of the supply and marketing division, which is another 6%. And the remaining 44% will be distributed among the participants of the public sale and another 44% will be distributed as liquidity in the pool, which cannot be disposed of in any way.

So, all tokens have already been distributed!

BIC: What is the percentage of the purchase fee? And what is the commission percentage?


This part is easy to return, we have no fees, to buy or sell, we don't want to make any profit from this.

So, we lower the barriers to entry a little bit, so our mission to kill other memes becomes easier.

BIC: Should we expect any details soon?


I don't know if it's soon, but we're definitely on the roadmap!

Once we add our grips and our voice, we will start knocking on some doors, but this time not to kill them, but to list the sign.

BIC: Ok 😂😂😂

Do you have any air drops or anything like that?


Not at the moment, but we are working on a partnership that could include a “small” airdrop that would attract lots of new eyes.

BIC: Tell us about your plans for Noctis. What is the future of the coin?


For us, the future of Noctis is very clear, we are a meme coin, we know that, but we are not some random memecoin, we are Memecoin. That's why we want to go slowly but surely, grow the community, the user base and keep climbing.

BIC: Now let's go to our community questions that we've already collected! First: @PhucNguyenu

Can you explain the significance of the door style in Noctis' narrative and how it reflects the vision and goals of the project?


It's very simple, each door represents a project we need to reach, and the project is “killed” by beating the market cap. So for us, every door we lose is a new chapter and the next one is our next success.

BIC: @ducluong27 wants to know.

Decentralization is a key pillar of crypto. But often teams or founders end up over-classifying. How decentralized is NOCTIS distribution between the team, investors, community etc.?


The community controls the project! Literally. Almost the entire supply of the project is distributed between the community and the liquid pool, so the signal is well distributed.

BIC: @AlineWhipple asks:

Tell me 3 reasons why I would choose this Noctis coin over other competitors. What are those characteristics that make you unique from your competition?


The most important thing for me is to have a common goal, and we have achieved this very well. In addition, we create a very competitive environment, so the team is always active and people are well aware of its progress. And finally, even if it's a little, to continue to grow to kill all, always with love, motivation 🙂

BIC: @SusannMetzler wrote:

There are many carpet pulling projects in the market. How can we trust NOCTIS projects, and can you tell us how NOCTIS differs from its competitors?


The biggest difference with the rest of the meme coins is that we offer a big pre-sale, so we have a lot of people behind us who support the token from the beginning. And well, there is no way to run anymore because all the liquid is burned.

BIC: Last one by @Liz_singleton_46.

What mechanisms are in place to ensure that the market value of Noctis Coin keeps growing over time? How do you plan to attract investors and keep them interested?


One of our main goals is to unite the community and work together to reach a common goal: increasing market capitalization and passing the next memecoin.

We are also preparing for the next marketing action, not only to bring the community together, but to make it bigger.

BIC: Very good! Noctis, those are the only questions we and our community have today, and thank you for taking the time to be our guest 🖤

Final thoughts

That's a wrap on our AMA with Noctis! We've got some great insights into what makes Noctis Coin truly unique. It is more than a meme; The memecoin scene is a coin with deep roots and big plans to shake it up.

With a dedicated team and a focus on building a strong community with no transaction fees, Noctis Coin stands out from the pack. We're excited to see how he grows and takes on the competition.

Thanks for tuning in and engaging with your questions! Keep following BeInCrypto for updates on all things Noctis Coin and more. The future of memecoins is just beginning, and it looks exciting!


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