Pudlana sparked a new interest in Solana’s Mem coins

Pudlana: The New Trendsetter Meme Coin Is About To Launch On Solana.

Pudlana, a new meme coin that will be launched on July 17, is getting a lot of attention.
The POODL logo is inspired by Asia's favorite dog breed and fashion accessory – the poodle.
Pudlana will launch with a 30-day presale, with token sale prices starting at $0.02.

It's been a rough ride for bulls in the crypto market in recent weeks, with top coin BTC battling heavy sell-off pressure.

But cryptocurrencies are showing signs of a crash and meme coins have joined the party. Topping the trending list is POODL, Asia's hottest fashion accessory for the cuteness of a dog – the poodle – which brings Solana the meme coin.

Pudlana (POODL) boosted the crypto market.

Dog-themed tokens have dominated the crypto meme space since Dogecoin launched. Drink-themed meme coins have attracted attention as political meme coins.

However, while the Shiba Inu remains a beloved companion to many, there is a new twist and the race to the top is the poodle.

A leading fashion dog breed, the poodle has taken the world by storm – especially in Asia where China, Japan and Korea are huge crypto markets. It's that excitement that dominates Solana's meme market as Pudlana approaches its launch.

It's also interesting to note that Bonk and Dogwhiphat Solana's top meme coin continues to crowd the market cap slot. The bat has been switched between the two just this week. However, this can only happen until Pudlana comes on the scene.

Pudlana: POODL Launch and Tokenomics

Pudlana will launch on July 17th and will offer 500,000,000 POODL tokens to fashionistas and poodle lovers. The pre-sale will be a 30-day flash starting at a low price of $0.02 before the Puddle price increases every three days after 10 levels.

In addition to the fact that 50% of the tokens from the presale will go to the community, Tokinomics will allocate 15% of its total supply as marketable POODL and another 15% for liquidity. Pudlana targets Asian fashion brands and personalities as partners. To help bring these to the POODL runway, Talk Supply is allocating 5%.

What is so special about Poodlena?

Pudlana is a crypto meme for fashionistas inspired by Asia's favorite dog. Meanwhile, meme coins are on the rise as the crypto summer season properly kicks off after a break in June. Adding to that is the fact that Asia is one of the regions with the highest number of crypto holders in the world – and they love poodles.

But that's not all that makes POODL a great opportunity.

When the pre-sale of Pudlana ends on August 15, POODL will bring the market within 60 minutes. The project will feature no downtime or lock-ups, and the first DEX listing will go live within hours of the pre-sale ending.

Meme Coin fans who participate in the Poodlena token sale can purchase their tokens knowing when they will be able to get them.

Visit Pudlana's official website to learn more.

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