Will Elizabeth Warren Lose Her Senate Seat Over Crypto?

Us Senator Elizabeth Warren Could Lose Her Seat To Crypto

Pro-Creto activist and US Senate candidate John Deaton surpassed incumbent Sen. Elizabeth Warren in fundraising in the first quarter of the year.

Official data from the Federal Election Commission shows Dayton raised $1.36 million, $1.1 million more than Warren.

Fox Business reporter Eleanor Terrett noted that Dayton's support base includes several prominent figures in the crypto industry, including Ripple's Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen, Cardano's Charles Hoskinson, Gemini's Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, and Bitcoin entrepreneur Jameson Loop.

Earlier in the year, Dayton launched an official campaign to unseat Elizabeth Warren in the US Senate. Due to Warren's anti-crypto stance, the campaign received significant support from industry leaders.


Warren has noted Dayton's moves, with reports indicating she has stepped up her efforts to mobilize her donor base. The lawmaker described Deaton as a crypto advocate aligned with the Republican Party, emphasizing his support for stricter regulations on the industry.

Total Receipts$1,364,965.38Total Contributions$360,690.38Total Individual Contributions$360,690.38Combined Individual Contributions$214,156.45Combined Individual Contributions$146,533.93Party Committee Contributions$00Te SFERS from Other Authorized Committees$0.00Total Loans $1 ,000,000.00 Loans Borrowed by Candidate $1,000,000.00 Other Loans $0.00 Operating Loans Expenses $0.00 Other Receipts $4,275.00
Summary of John Deaton's donation. Source: Federal Election Commission

As Elizabeth Warren asserts her confidence in her ability to face any challenge, her offer of help suggests that she recognizes the threat that John Deaton poses.

Warren successfully secured her Senate seat twice. During this time, she pushed several anti-crypto policies, including the Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act, which was proposed to increase compliance in the growing industry. She believes that the crypto industry has a target on her back because of these activities.

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However, Deaton sees himself as a credible competitor, citing inside sources that Warren has mentioned him in various communications. He also cited a video of Warren and Karen Spilka joking about the book, hinting at the seriousness of his nomination.

“My friend is a registered Democrat in Texas. He called me the other day to let me know that he had received several emails from Warren, mentioning me by name and calling me a serious threat to her seat. I reminded him that it wasn't her seat, and I thought I'd send him back to the working families of Massachusetts. I'm in Senator Warren's mind for good reason…if a candidate has zero chance of winning, it's not on your mind and you certainly don't joke about how he has no chance. Someone's worried,” Deaton added.


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