Binance executive tracked to Kenya, extradition underway.

Binance Executive Tracked To Kenya, Extradition Underway.

The Nigerian government is currently moving to extradite Binance executive Nadeem Arjarwala after he escaped from prison to Kenya.

Presidential sources said Arjarwala went into hiding on his arrival in Kenya but his cover was blown. This could open another chapter in the saga as the country seeks to extradite the Binance executive.

The Nigerian government is now cooperating with international security agencies such as Interpol and the Kenyan police to prosecute Arjarwala.

Gambarian came to Nigeria with Binance executive Nadeem Anjarwala in February following allegations of defrauding the country's fiat currency, the nara. After meeting with the Nigerian government over Binance's regulatory issues, Arjarwala was arrested along with another Binance executive.


The state's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (FCC) took over the investigation from the National Security Adviser (NSA). The anti-corruption agency has indicted the exchange and its two executives on five counts of money laundering. However, Anjarwala reportedly escaped from custody on March 22 and boarded a flight from the capital, Abuja.

Anjarwala was reportedly flown out of Abuja by Middle East Airlines. However, it is not clear how he got on the international flight as his British passport is under the control of the Nigerian authorities.

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According to immigration officials, the Binance executive fled Nigeria on a Kenyan passport and authorities are now trying to figure out how Anjarwala got the passport as he had no other travel documents while in jail.

Arjarwala has pleaded not guilty to charges brought against his wife and other supporters to secure Gambarian's release after several weeks in prison while he is out of the country. Gambarian's wife filed a petition for his return to the United States, which had 3,373 signatures at the time of publication. However, the Gambian case has been adjourned until April 19.

Binance announced on March 5 that it intends to stop all Naira trading, effectively exiting the market for Nigerian users. Binance also mentioned that Binance's peer-to-peer platform canceled all NGN trading pairs at the end of February.

In the year On February 27, the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria criticized crypto exchanges in Nigeria for allegedly handling illegal transactions, and also pointed to “suspicious flows” of money flowing through Binance.

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